November 25, 2008

FlashBrighton: Red5 with Chris Allen at The Werks

January 20, 2009

FlashBrighton: PureMVC Primer at The Werks

January 27, 2009

FlashBrighton: Generative Art Cookery Class at Unwrong offices

February 3, 2009

FlashBrighton: Generative Art Workshop at The Werks

February 10, 2009

FlashBrighton: The Return of the Particles at The Werks

May 5, 2009

FlashBrighton: Objective-C Workshop at The Werks

July 28, 2009

FlashBrighton: Genetic Algorithms at The Werks

July 6, 2010

FlashBrighton: Flixel Games Engine at The Werks