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Objective-C 2.0 is a programming language which adds object-oriented capabilities to the C language, and is used primarily on Mac & iPhone.

'Case you hadn't noticed, Objective-C iPhone dev is totally da bomb right now; the cool kids are right on it, and if you wanna be piff like shizzle too then you need to get in now! Don't be gash; come along to FlashBrighton next Tuesday, cotch down with our Objective-C co-dees and you'll be stunting your iPhone skills in no time. Just totally sick!

We've got a real hench in Sussex Uni's Peter Passaro to show you how it's done. Peter is an Objective-C fiend, he's been caning it for years. He'll introduce you to bare Mac dev, including the basics of Objective-C, working in the XCode IDE, and a general introduction to the Cocoa Frameworks (AppKit, UIKit, etc.) You can follow along on your Mac by installing the Apple Dev Tools beforehand. Bred, don't get vexed; unass yo-self, get ballin' with Peter, and it'll be real nice up!

It's not necessary but Peter also recommends downloading F-Script too; an oudish script language that allows to you explore any program written with Cocoa libraries and even interact with them and inject code whilst they're running; F-Script is a nang teaching tool and Mac debugger.

Don't get all antwacky now and turn into a whole wall full of teenagers spitting needlessly; sign up here and be seen at FlashBrighton next Tuesday instead and you'll rolling out Objective-C big time. Get me?



Dictionary of teenage slang

Antwacky: unstylish
Ballin: doing well
Bare: a lot of
Bred: brother, kin
Cane: to do to excess
Co-dee: friend
Cotch down: hang out
Da bomb: excellent
Fiend: addict
Gash: unpleasant, ugly
Hench: tough boy
Jamming: hanging around
Nang: excellent
Nice up: relaxed
Oudish: very good
Piff: good
Rago: ok
Seen: cool
Shizzle: someone you worship
Sick: cool, good
Stunting: showing off
Unass: relinquish control
Vexed: stressed

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