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Genetic Algorithms - or "GA's" - are a class of algorithms inspired by evolutionary biology.

The session will be led by Plug-in Media's Alan Owen. He will introduce you to the concepts such as 'optimisation algorithms', 'particle swarms', 'optimisation methodologies' and 'neural networks'. Alan has previously studied Biology and Evolutionary & Adaptive Systems, so knows his stuff.

We want this session post itself to evolve in the same way that a GA would, so if you want to know what these things are and what Alan will be telling you about them on the night, use the comments box below to ask questions and Alan himself will respond.

What are you waiting for? Ask Alan a question!

We'll bring you more details as they emerge

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

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Indeed, I have a medium here who professes to be able to parley with the late Charles Darwin himself, should I get stuck on 'owt, so ask away, ye agents of change!

I do have a loose script for the night, but now is your opportunity to mutate to my genotypic plan...