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Flint is an open-source AS3 particle effects library. It handles thousands of real-time particles and simulates gravity, drag, explosions, flocking, collisions and a whole bunch more. The current release creates 2D effects whilst the version in development operates in 3D and will support Papervision3D, Away3D as well as its own 3D architecture.

Proving that particular propensities aren't limited to our own master of molecules Seb Lee-Delisle, Richard Lord - lead developer of Flint - will be along in person to show you how to create flocking, smoke, fire, explosions and generally ignite your Flash Player, in a health and safety conscious way, naturally. He'll also show you how to extend Flint with custom effects.

3D Flint will be released next month but is available in beta now and Richard is hoping to solicite your feedback, including ideas for moving Flint beyond the core code library with pre-built effects and tools for designers.

Flint is available in the chalk deposits of the South Downs and also at flintparticles.org. Both are fascinating in their owns ways but you might wanna be concentrating on the latter rather than the former for next Tuesday. And you might wanna be guaranteeing your raffle-tickety place by signing up here right away!

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=163

Added by flashbrighton on August 20, 2008