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Particles are a perfect way to add a bit of panache to your website.

On the FlashBrighton mailing list but a few weeks back, a plaintiff voice from out the murky darkness was heard to plead the following lament:

'Can someone, anyone, please divulge the secret alchemy of Flash particles, that my dull and brutish existence finally be lit by the everlasting lantern of science and learning?'

Responding to this heartrending howl, FlashBrighton's own governor of Gothic germ-warfare Sebastian Lee-Delisle threw on his cloak, stepped out into a gale and - with electrodes in hand - booked a date with destiny (the 10th of Feb, as it turned out). Sebastian vowed to vanquish the farces of darkness by way of a enlightened two-hour lecture entitled 'My reflections on the Pseudo-science of Particle Generation and its application to the field of Flash Websites, and stuff' to the Academy of Bearded Misanthropes (Hoxton Sq. Branch).

Only the academy didn't want him, so we got him instead; praise be!

Next Tuesday, for your delectation and erudition, Dr. Lee-Delisle will deliver his lecture at Hove's famous house of learning & benefaction 'The Werks'. You are cordially invited to add your signature here, saddle thy milk-white steed and join him. Think on, for thy damnation slumbereth not.

ps: For those of you who understood none of the above: Seb will be teaching how to create particle systems using ActionScript at the Werks (in Hove) next Tuesday evening.

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Added by flashbrighton on January 28, 2009