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Based upon the classic Model, View and Controller concept, PureMVC is a lightweight framework for application creation.

Yeah, on the face of it that might not sound very cool. 'Thing is though, like MacGyver™ with a Maglite™, it can really speed up your development and slash bugfixing time in half. Meaning you can head downtown and wow the opposite sex with your developmental prowess, whilst the other losers work extra weekends. That's how sexy PureMVC is. You wanna be that sexy, right?

Well forget the Fonz, cos we've got PureMVC Prometheus Neil Manuell. You don't think Neil is cool, `don't think he knows his Controller from his elbow? Perhaps a quick glance at the front page of the PureMVC website will change your mind? His PureMVC StateMachine has OMG MADE THE FRONT PAGE OF THE ACTUAL PUREMVC SITE !!! Sexy, smart AND respected, that's our Neil.

So if you're smart too you'll be wanting to hang out with Neil and get up to speed with PureMVC. Come along next Tuesday and you'll be able to do just that, when Neil presents his PureMVC Primer. Neil will be breaking up his presentation into two parts; the first an introduction to PureMVC itself - including a quick start to coding in Flex - and the second a guide to his so-cutting-edge-Heston-Blumenthal-is-jealous StateMachine - including the chance to create a more complex app using it.

Attendees will deffo want to download Neil's sample Flex projects (downloadable from the FlashBrighton site here) and bring along their laptops*. Plus Mr. Manuell may consent to a quick Q&A session after, just no photos please. Oh, and no bloody talking about singletons (you know who you are).

Sign thee up here and now!

*- You will need a working copy of FlexBuilder on your machine to code-along with Neil.

Official Website: http://www.flashbrighton.org/wordpress/?p=203

Added by flashbrighton on January 14, 2009