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Projects Night VI is here and we're gonna follow right on from ZenBullets' nutritious Generative Art Cookery Class last Tuesday, we're gonna get hands on in the pantry and grill up some generative goodness ourselves. That's right, Projects Night VI will be a hands-on, DIY, generative art code-in.

We know the sky's a bit dull but the fridge is full and we're gonna dive in, pull out some fresh algorithms and turn them into a steaming hot generative pie. It doesn't matter what flavour of code you prefer - ActionScript, Processing, FORTRAN, even instruction on paper for people to follow - or whether you even think you can cook, come along and express your inner-celebrity-chef with some generative whisking and baking courtesy of FlashBrighton. Seb - and hopefully some of our other experienced code chefs - will be on hand to suggest recipes, spices & condiments and share the experiences they've had in the hot 'n spicy kitchen of generative art.

This Generative Art Workshop is brought to you by FlashBrighton - the people who have set up this Upcoming page for you to register on. Go do so whilst you still can, because numbers are - as ever - limited.

Official Website: http://flashbrighton.org

Added by flashbrighton on January 28, 2009