397 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

MTUB #4 - The Handover Event.

@CathyE is leaving the country, so the MTUB organisation baton is being passed to a small but determined group of Melbourne twitterers - @LucasS, @Nikski, @Mspecht. Help them kick of their first MTUB with celebration and twittering fun (and beer and pizza of course). As usual, we'll have a Twitter visualisation going on the wall thanks to Lightmaker Melbourne, so enable Twitter on your mobiles and add @MTUB to participate.

Sponsorship is still open - if you are interested in sponsoring please dm Cathy or Lucas on Twitter.

Added by CathyE on August 29, 2007



We have found a sponsor!
Microsoft are comming to the party and buying a few drinks