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London, England has all the details - the wording is a bit 'official' but that's what happens when lawyers attack.

Please note upcoming is not a place to signup!

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Added by cubicgarden on April 7, 2007



same day as ( - ah well, I can't code anyway...


interesting2007 appears to have sold out in four days. Hopefully with room for 400 people, that won't happen to Hackday.


Doh. Forgot they clashed. Hrmn. Might be turning up late to Hackday, then...


I'm always slightly amazed that anyone can think of anything terribly new and exciting to do at hackdays.


I've set up a quick wiki as a discussion point in the absence of anything more official - for organising teams, pooling information, and so on.


Getting ready for this now... niiiiiiice


Got a confirmation on Friday :) All being well will be there with a few others from Manchester.


Will be arriving after Interesting2007


im still looking for others to throw ideas around with for this ... pref at least one php coder, and a css/ui designer ...


Have you found the unofficial wiki yet?


I'm flying out tomorrow to hang out in London for the week (annoying American tourist stuff). I'll be speaking Saturday morning about the Yahoo! Mail Web Service and then hacking the rest of the day/night/morning away.


It took till this afternoon to find the info to the questions I had about Hackday, so its too late to register. Shame. I found my answers just now on the unofficial blog. What I wanted to know, which wasn't mentioned on the official page anywhere was...what resources are available, power points, wifi, terminals? and, do I bring a sleeping bag or tent? And an overview of what the hacking setup is wrt teams, freewheeling associations , info sharing etc. aka the Rules. I also wanted to know what time people were talking so I could consider coming just for the talks and networking and hacking a bit. And what I want to know now is...given it looks like its not full after all, can I turn up and register on the door? I'm in the mood for a little hacking on novel stuff.


Ann, I know it's a little late now, but for your future reference (hopefully there will be another!): loads of power points available, wifi coverage throughout the area although there were quite a lot of problems with it on the Saturday (not helped by the surprise rain indoors) though they managed to iron them out by the end of the night. No terminals, all laptop based and you can bring a sleeping bag and stay indoors.

The hacking is very casual, you don't have to produce anything, you can work with anyone you like, on whatever you like (though submitted hacks for the competition should have used Yahoo's or the BBC's APIs). It was more for fun than anything (and some of the brilliant entries confirmed that!). Hope to see you at the next one.

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