9250 14th Ave NW
Seattle, Washington

Announcing **UnGnomeCamp** ''(rhymes with Unknown Camp)'' the official unofficial post-conference gathering after GnomeDex 2007!

* Can't get in to the sold-out GnomeDex?
* Can't spare $500-plus price of a GnomeDex ticket (may be higher on the scalpers' black market, your mileage may vary)
* Want more than a single-track format, with speakers at the front of the room? Want more interaction, a chance to present, multiple choices?
* Want to continue the conversations from GnomeDex and delve into more detail?
* Want to get out from sitting down and explore the geography of the area?

UnGnomeCamp is a chance to do all that, and more. It's an unconference using Open Space format.

It also includes MeshWalk, the opportunity to "vote with your feet" and get out and explore.

Note: Venue now confirmed. We have space capacity limits, so RSVP today. Please also add your name on the wiki.

Official Website: http://www.barcamp.org/UnGnomeCamp

Added by raines on August 1, 2007



Attendees, please also add yourself on the wiki page on barcamp.org so we can get some approximation of a real headcount!


current best-guess attendance projections based on multiple RSVP places and conversations: 25-35 people. Feel free to arrive later, there is often the opportunity to add sessions. If you have something to project, please put it on a USB stick in case we have trouble getting your laptop to work with the projector.