August 12, 2007

UnGnomeCamp at Arc Dance

August 13, 2007

Freedom from Fear organizing meeting at Trinity United Methodist Church

August 16, 2007

Seattle Social Media Club at Text 100 Public Relations,

August 27, 2007

Protest George Bush's visit to Bellevue, WA at The Bradford Center

August 27, 2007

9/11: Mourning the passing of our Constitution at Westlake Park

September 11, 2007

September 11th: From Tragedy to Tyranny at Seattle Center

October 10, 2007

Forum - THE 9/11 ATTACK: UNANSWERED QUESTIONS at Woodland Park Presbyterian Church

October 27, 2007

Portland to Seattle Peace March and Rally at Judkins Park

November 14, 2007

Forum - IMMIGRATION REFORM: WHAT WOULD A FAIR POLICY LOOK LIKE? at Woodland Park Presbyterian Church

December 5, 2007

Forum - FURTHER CASUALTIES OF WAR: THE IRAQI REFUGEE CRISIS at Woodland Park Presbyterian Church