111 Minna Street
San Francisco, California 94105


MOO usually doesn't need an excuse to *party*, but we just turned 1 and figured we'd like to celebrate with cake, fun, games and you!

So, we've rented 111 Minna, and a bunch of us are flying out from MOO HQ in London to hang out with our friends on the West Coast, on a night that is likely to include an exhibition of cool MOO stuff, loads of freebies, a rockin' DJ and drinks on us.

If you're a customer, partner, friend or fan of MOO then you're invited.

We really hope you can make it. There's no cover, just bring a MOO card to get in. If you don't have your own you probably know someone who does - heck, bring them too, it's probably been too long since you last saw them anyway.

Until then,

Richard & The MOO Crew

Added by richardmoross on April 4, 2007



we can talk about it on Skype for Cows.


MOO is amazing.


i heart moo!


Moo meetup talkings in Tangler;

Kevin Marks

Grr, there's a search SIG at google that night I want to go to too. If I schlep up there afterwards, will you still be around before I get the midnight train back down?


i don't have a moo card yet - can i please still come?


looks like i'm moving to SF a week too late. sounds like a blast!

love me some moo!


Moo is cute!


Great fun party. The Moo cards are amazing!


Thanks Moo! It was a blast


Thanks Moo! That was a lot of fun!

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