The Mall
London, England

Lots of people in London try to start their own nights. Whether it involves DJs, bands, art or film, most of these nights start with a bang and quickly end with a wimper leaving the "promoter" thankful that they didn't give up their temp job. Not so for Halloween; the film festival, event, whatever, has blown up like an oil plant in Hemel Hempstead! From short films in bars, to proper awards and everything at the ICA, to bands like British Sea Power, Ladytron and Kaito joining in with live soundtracks and gigs, to Harry Hill, Guy Ritchie and Phil Mitchell, to Halloween Short Film Festival 3 at the ICA and the Curzon Soho -- wowee -- a success story! Expect four days of splendid new short films, plus Club Motherf*cker and Artrocker, music and live events. As Art Brut may have put it -- short films make me wanna rock out!

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Added by wurzeltod on December 17, 2005