November 15, 2005

CLHG: 3 months in Palestine at British Humanist Association

November 16, 2005

Squarepusher, Luke Vibert at KOKO

November 22, 2005

Neo-Conservatism and the Origins of the New American Empire at London School of Economics (LSE)

November 23, 2005

London Ruby User Group Meeting at Kingsway

November 23, 2005

A brief history of God: God, the universe and everything at Southwark Cathedral

November 28, 2005

Mynga Futrell at London Brights and Atheists Meetup at Pitcher and Piano (Kingsway)

November 30, 2005

Unitarian celebration of blasphemy at Unitarian Headquarters

December 2, 2005

Atash (First) at ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)

December 3, 2005

London Anime Club Meeting at The Hogs Head

December 10, 2005

London Geek Dinner with Robert Scoble. at Texas Embassy

December 11, 2005

Jon Stewart (Daily Show) - Democracy Inaction Tour at Prince Edward Theatre

December 12, 2005

London 2.0 - Christmas party at Old Bank of England

December 21, 2005

Mark Thomas and Rob Newman Double Bill at thebushtheatre

January 4, 2006

Halloween Short Film Festival 3 at ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)

January 8, 2006

HSFF - Animus Films presents Bar Remix Session at ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)

January 12, 2006

London dotNet user group talk: C# 3.0 and Linq at Microsoft House

January 15, 2006

Educational Reform by ICT in Japan: Issues and Policies at London Knowledge Lab

January 17, 2006

Still the Arc of Crisis? The Middle East from the Cold War to Iraq at London School of Economics (LSE)

January 17, 2006

Home at St Catherine?s Tower

January 23, 2006

January Brights London Meetup: Laughing in the face of god at Pitcher and Piano (Kingsway)

January 25, 2006

GILBERT & GEORGE "Was Jesus Heterosexual?" at White Cube Gallery

February 7, 2006

The Idea of an American Century at London School of Economics (LSE)

February 8, 2006

The Things We Do for Energy at Dana Centre

February 8, 2006

Pecha Kucha Night at ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)

February 9, 2006

Faith Based Agencies ? Promoters of Development or Part of the Problem? at London School of Economics (LSE)

February 15, 2006

Living in the World Risk Society at London School of Economics (LSE)

February 17, 2006

Crime & Punishment at Bromley Little Theatre

February 20, 2006

Brights and Atheists Meetup: Why humanism needs a political party at Pitcher and Piano (Kingsway)

February 22, 2006

Information Society: A History of the Future at British Computer Society

February 22, 2006

Open Knowledge Forum on Open Content at Stanhope Centre

February 23, 2006

RCA - Glocal Product Design at Royal College of Art

February 23, 2006

RSA - The internet's golden age is over at RSA, The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

February 23, 2006

Meet the Mighty Gene Machine at Dana Centre

February 26, 2006

Lee Mack at Bloomsbury Theatre

February 28, 2006

DECIDE: Our nano-future at Dana Centre

March 1, 2006

The United States ? Global Polluter? Kyoto and After at London School of Economics (LSE)

March 1, 2006

Pillow Fight at Trafalgar Square

March 6, 2006

Creating Brains: the science of genius at Dana Centre

March 7, 2006

Abraham Lincoln and the Almost Chosen People at London School of Economics (LSE)

March 7, 2006

Igor Aleksander, Birkbeck Philosophy Society at Birkbeck College

March 16, 2006

The Selfish Gene: thirty years on at London School of Economics (LSE)

May 10, 2006

Final Fantasy / Grizzly Bear at The Luminaire

June 10, 2006

Art Not Oil Launch Party at 491 Gallery

June 11, 2006

Art Not Oil at 491 Gallery

June 29, 2006

Art Not Oil at The Foundry

November 4, 2006

Stop Climate Chaos at Trafalgar Square

December 6, 2006

Education Without Theory at Institute of Education

February 14, 2007

Ulrich Beck: A Cosmopolitan Perspective on the Sociology of Generations at London School of Economics (LSE)

October 21, 2007

Chris Addison and guests at Lyric Hammersmith

November 15, 2007

Stewart Lee at Soho Theatre & Writers' Centre