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Where does creativity come from? Can anybody be creative? Michelangelo was a stonecutter's son and Shakespeare the son of a middleclass businessman What causes some people to soar free of their limited lives and be a creative genius?

In a new book, The Creating Brain The neuroscience of genius, psychiatrist Nancy Andreasen shows us that creativity is not the same as intelligence and not the same as skill. The essence of creativity is to shape the materials of life in new and unexpected ways.

This evening, the author and speakers from the worlds of science and art, will discuss how the human brain achieves creative breakthrough, the role of genes and environment, the value of not having standard education' and the question of genius and insanity'.

How does exceptional creativity develop in the human brain? How does a person's brain move through a creative process to produce a sonnet or a song or an equation? The answer lies in understanding how we human beings, beginning with our prehistoric ancestors, have managed to wrestle ourselves out of dark caves and into a world ablaze with the brilliant fire and light of creative genius.

The European Dana Alliance for the Brain and Dana Press
Nancy Andreasen, Unviersity of Iowa, USA and author of The Creating Brain The neuroscience of Genius
Ken Arnold, Wellcome Trust
Daniel Glaser, University College London
David Barrie, Arts Fund

Tim Radford, former Science Editor of The Guardian
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