Windscheidstra├če 18
Berlin, Bundesland Berlin 10627

The event will be held in Berlin, Germany at the weekend of the 3rd to 4th of november. That is the weekend right before the Web2.0 Expo.

For more information see the barcampberlin2-network:

Official Website:

Added by dittes on July 11, 2007



Barcamp Berlin II is happening directly before the O'Reilly Web 2.0 Expo Europe, which starts on Tuesday.

Like the tradition in L.A and Etech, this is a nice following. More information and a wiki will come soon, and this time, especially international visitors are highly welcomed!

Not everything is going to be in English, but if you have any interest, please mark your interest in here as well, for example watching. Berlin is not only a cool place to be, but also nicely cheap ;)


Sounds great, can't wait! Do we have to sign up or just turn up?


@katie: registration will be opened on 12th or 13th of october...


looking forward to it.


@dittes: thanks, looking forward to it!


And better put your name up on the international list. The German list is already full and it's cool to have a separate list for internationals.

Alberto DOttavi

Hi all.

I was trying to add my name to the list of international attendees, but I didn't get how to edit the page

I've tryed the registration but it's in german, and gives me error messages that I do not understand

Anybody can please help? Thanks in advance!


I love the Fact that I am now "International"