491 Grove Green Road, Leytonstone
London, England E11 4AA

Climate chaos is set to have a catastrophic effect on all of us, while hitting the poorest hardest. Oil is a curse that also fuels war, poverty and environmental destruction. Yet the companies most responsible are profiting handsomely, and they are still welcome it seems in many of our most prestigious public galleries and museums. Why?

Art Not Oil is an exhibition and a campaign, committed to showing powerful political/ecological art, to seeing an end to oil sponsorship of the arts, and to helping build movements for climate justice both here and throughout the world. As well as work that looks at the negative impacts of fossil fuels, we welcome work that looks at positive alternatives and solutions.
Send us your art - turn your visions, nightmares, anger and hope into creative resistance!

First off, Art Not Oil 2006 opens with a big launch gig on June 10th at the 491 Gallery with a very wondrous oil-free cabaret as well as songs from Sarah Bear, the Rub, Society of Imaginary Friends and climate-conscious rap from San Francisco's Lynx.

Official Website: http://www.artnotoil.org.uk/

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