314 11th Street
San Francisco, California 94103
January 16, 2004

Matt Gonzalez Post Election Party at Studio Z

March 26, 2004

Japanese Punk Bands@ Studio Z! at Studio Z

March 10, 2005

4th Annual San Francisco Fetish Ball at Studio Z

March 17, 2005

The Only Unusual St. Patty's Day Party at Studio Z

November 4, 2005

League of Pissed Off Voters-The Foundation at Studio Z

November 8, 2005

TsuShiMaMiRe/ AMPPEZ/ Red Bacteria Vacuum at Studio Z

December 3, 2005

DIRTY w/ Uberzone + Carbon Community at Studio Z

December 6, 2005

The Vowel Movement: Beatbox Showcase at Studio Z

February 10, 2006

CodeCon 2006 at Studio Z

February 24, 2006

To be continued... at Studio Z

January 20, 2009

Barry Unsworth, "Land of Marvels: A Novel" at Studio Z

February 9, 2009

Dalton Conley, "Elsewhere, USA" at Studio Z

March 24, 2009

Laura Lippman, "What the Dead Know" at Studio Z