August 29, 2009

MFest at The Public Assembly

September 4, 2009

CD release Long Walk Home with The Mint and NiCad at North Star Bar

September 9, 2009

NiCad: International Music Phenom To Visit William and Mary at College of William and Mary

September 12, 2009

NiCad with The Foghorns, Algernon and Seraphim at Paycheck's Lounge

September 13, 2009

NiCad and lots more at an all ages event at TNT's Bar

September 16, 2009

NiCad with Jon Dobson and Alison Pipitone at Arlene's Grocery

March 14, 2010

Funk Night with NiCad at de pater , The Hague

March 17, 2010

The Hague/Crossing Border Party at Maggie Mae's

March 19, 2010

NiCad's official SXSW Showcase at Friends Bar on Sixth Street

March 20, 2010

Music City The Hague Party at Brush Square Park

March 21, 2010

NiCad w/ Glorious Veins and The Bubbles at Carousel Lounge

March 22, 2010

NiCad after SXSW party at ole tavern

March 25, 2010

NiCad and MOTA @ Underground Night with DJ El Macho at The Lounge on Elm St