August 25, 2005

B6, Amnjk, Emcore, MHP, Ozone at C's Bar

November 4, 2005

Chinese Blogger Conference '05 at East China Normal University

March 11, 2006

SUBS @ Shuffle at Shuffle Bar

April 15, 2006

B6's Infirm Furniture 2 at Zhu Qizhan Art Museum

June 23, 2006

Family Flea Market @ Garden Books at Gadren Books

June 11, 2007

SFCC- Save Shanghai Heritage & Launch of Suzhou Creek Walking Brochure at Astor House Hotel, formerly Pujiang Hotel

June 12, 2007

SFCC-Is it a bull? Is it bubble? No, it's the Chinese Stock Market at Mesa Manifesto Special Function Room

August 27, 2007

Game Developers Conference at Shanghai International Convention Center