February 22, 2007

London .NET User Group: Vista and Office Grok Talks at Microsoft House

March 28, 2007

London .NET user group: An evening with LINQ at Microsoft House

May 10, 2007

London .NET User Group at Conway Hall

June 29, 2007

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper (DDD) 5 at Microsoft Campus

July 19, 2007

London .NET user group: An evening With Paypal and Skype at Skype's Offices (London)

September 7, 2007

BarCampBrighton at Madgex

September 27, 2007

LDNUG: Partial Rendering for AJAX Purists and AJAX Real Programmers at Microsoft London (Cardinal Place)

October 13, 2007

London .NET User Group October Meeting at Toynbee Hall

January 31, 2008

altnetconf UK at Conchango

June 25, 2008

London .NET User Group at Conchango

February 18, 2010

OpenRasta Code Camp at Huddle

July 14, 2010

South London Geek Night #2 at The Bedford