February 3, 2010

California: A State of Turmoil - with Dan Walters, Political Columnist, Sacramento Bee at National Semiconductor Building E Auditorium

February 23, 2010

Dr. Jill Tarter - Director, Center for SETI Research at Kellogg Auditorium at Silicon Valley Bank

March 11, 2010

Seth Shostak, SETI Institute & Author of Confessions of an Aien Hunter at City of Menlo Park Council Chambers

March 13, 2010

Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage, Co-Hosts of Mythbusters at Cubberley Theatre

May 9, 2010

Anna Quindlen, author of "Every Last One: A Novel" at Eagle Theatre, Los Altos High School

May 23, 2010

Sebastian Junger, author of "War" & "The Perfect Storm" at Historic Hoover Theater

May 25, 2010

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Author of "Infidel" & "Nomad" at Cubberley Community Center (Includes Cubberley Theater )

June 15, 2010

"HomeBrew Health" with Esther Dyson at Microsoft Corporation

June 27, 2010

Christopher Hitchens, author of "Hitch 22 - A Memoir" at Historic Hoover Theater

July 19, 2010

Richard Dreyfuss, Academy Award Winning Actor & Founder of the Dreyfuss Initiative at Albert and Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall

September 21, 2010

Jonathan Safran Foer, Author of "Eating Animals" & "Everything is Illuminated" at Oshman Family Jewish Community Center