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Hello dear flickr friends.

For züriflickrdrinks you will have to dress warmly, because we will go on the ice at Dolder. So get out those scarves and gloves and your long underwear and sign up for:

Saturday, 29th of November, an evening at the icerink at Dolder, starting from 16:00 (because then there is still a bit of light). We will go on the ice, but there is a restaurant for the chilly and the less courageous as well. If the weather is bad on Saturday, we will use Sunday 30th, if it is bad on both days (no way in November in Zürich ;-) we will think of a dry alternative on the same day closer to the actual date.

Please note in your answer if you can do Saturday or Sunday or both ;-)

zfdrinks admins

Official Website:

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