115 Empire St
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

ZOOOOOM played shows in Japan with Lightning Bolt. They are returning the favor, and invited zOoOoOm to Providence. They are a 3-piece, drums, voice, drums, guitar, drums, ahrmonica and drums. CHARALAMBIDES (Kranky Records): To say that the words "unique" and "singular" are over-used in describing music is to state the obvious. To apply these words to the sounds created by the various duo/trio configurations of the Texas group Charalambides over the last decade plus would be understatement. To be sure there are numerous antecedents to their music; to deny this of any artist‘s work would be akin to saying that they are deaf. But they have surely broken new ground in the primitive/folk/mystic/improv/psych valley in which they toil. As Marcus Boon wrote in The Wire; "...here is a truly 21st century experimental ethnic music that explores quietness and stasis... in the same way that musicians in the second half of the 20th century discovered amplification, noise and speed." Providence duo BLACK FOREST/BLACK SEA celebrate the release of their fourth full-length record. BF/BS play free-form music that draws from folk traditions. The have toured extensively in the US and Europe, from Savonlinna to Sicily, Riga to Reykjavik and Portland to Portland. "...a half-improvised framework of guitar, cello and sundry accented glitches...a magnificent patchwork tent of bark, calico fabric, twisted vines, and fallen stars...a gorgeous snapshot of the free psych underground, one of the purest spaces of otherworldly terrain in the current musical landscape." (Pitchfork) ZAIMPH is the solo work of Marcia from The Double Leopards (NYC). "A frozen howl of anguish blacks out tevelvision skies and turns water to blood. This is not fashion or distraction. A tumultuous upsurge of lashing spectral form, a doom fug of revenge - a swirl, a swathe - a blistering exhalation, rising bloody. This is not a utopian attempt to build transparent cathedrals and unite mankind. This is war - pure and bloody - implacable - real."

9pm, all ages, $7

Official Website: http://www.as220.org

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