33°15′32″ N, 115°27′59″ W
near Niland, California

A weekend excursion to Slab City, a ramshackled camp inhabited by RV owners and squatters, built on the remains of an abandoned World War II base in the southeastern California desert. Also included is a side trip to Salvation Mountain, a three story hill entirely covered in acrylic paint, concrete and adobe and festooned with Bible verses.

Bring along your post-apocalyptic costumes, bicycles, armament, religious icons, old paint and other accouterments to enhance and amuse.

Visit homepage for discussion group.

Slab City panorama:

Official Website: http://groups.google.com/group/ride-to-nowhere

Added by Danger Ranger on January 25, 2008


Kitten Flaps

Are there age constraints, ou et non?


i'd like to go on this...anyone i know actually going?