3159 Cherokee
Saint Louis, Missouri 63118

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for the most amazing show you'll see all year! A tale of love! Of treachery! Of innocence lost and creeping bloody death! The Tin Ceiling Theater Company proudly presents ZOMBOZO, a silent tale that's sure to be the talk of the St. Louis theater community of years to come!

Zambini the Clown and Mariana the Monkey Maiden of Malaysia are young, in love, and ready to take over the reigns of the show from retiring ringmaster magician One Eyed Willard. The rest of the troupe, led by Willard's upstart assistant Hedley Schmedley, however, has other plans. A mutiny ensues, leaving the Ringmaster and the Monkey slaves of Hedley and the Clown six feet under. But when an accidental side-effect of a marriage blessing spell resurrects Zambini from the grave with an uncontrollable hunger for flesh, our hero comes to the rescue. Even if it means eating every last person accountable.

Drawing inspiration from the silent films of the 1920's and classic zombie horror, and featuring a live soundtrack performed by Irene Allen of the Round-Ups, Zombozo is a stunning experiment in theater, breaking down the barriers of what can, what can't, and what shouldn't be done on stage.

Come one, come all.

*warning: ZOMBOZO contains scenes of comic violence, death, arterial spray, flying bits of gore, and dismemberment, which is a very long way of saying that you should probably leave the kids at home. "Blood" and "Nasty Things" will be sprayed, spat, and flung at varying velocities and may make it into your lap, onto your clothes, or into your soda. Make your decisions accordingly.

Tin Ceiling Productions is definitely a major innovator of the St. Louis theater circuit. Tyson Blanquart, Theater Editor for playbackstl magazine

If I were to take you on a guided tour of St. Louis, ...because you value theatre, I would take you to the Tin Ceiling Company. Richard Green, Talkingbroadway.com


Directed by Robert Strasser. Written by Jason Lauderdale. Music by Irene Allen. Presented by The Tin Ceiling.

July 14th thru July 30th @ 8pm, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays

The Tin Ceiling, 3159 Cherokee Street in South St. Louis

How much:
$8 at the door

Official Website: http://tinceiling.org

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