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Attention all horror movie fans and people who would like to see a political regime change.....In honor of President's Day, let's show our fine leader what we really think of him. I've been "dying" to get a photo shoot of zombies taking down GW Bush and "eating him" for the Dead Awake performance art project. I have a GW Bush mask and some costuming accutrements to share. Just show up at 2:00 pm at Westlake Center in your best Zombie makeup and have a ltitle toothy fun being dissident!

Photographers and stilters much appreciated!

Please help with compiling a list of words/concepts you would love to see Zombies dis-embowel from the Bush Administration.
I will need them emailed to [email protected] by Friday. These words will be printed on paper/laminated/stuffed into lengths of panty hose to look like intestines for the Zombies eating Bush photo shoot.

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Added by Cleo Wolfus on February 13, 2006