Stratford Road
Cosgrove, Milton Keynes, England MK19 7JA

This year's event will feature, once again, zombie films, guest stars, games, shooting and archery with zombie targets and of course, The Zombie Experience…

This Zombie Experience, is being set in the village of Willard during the summer of 1977 and will start with the traditional village fete and will end with a handful of survivors, loads of undead and gallons of blood. Last year 50 characters encountered the Horrors of Willard Valley and ONE SURVIVED… This part of the event is LRP (or Live Role Play), which means you take on the role of a character, dress as and act as that character and from there you will encounter a whole nightmare of the living dead! It has a high body count, but if you die, you come back to eat the people that sold you out, or perhaps didn't try their hardest to save you.

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