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With the release of Casino Logic, Brooklyn rockers ZO2 return with all the rock and attitude that earned them their own hit show on cable innovator IFC, critical and popular response to their last disc, Ain't It Beautiful and found them opening for acts like KISS, Bret Michaels and Twisted Sister at rock's biggest venues while moving into the headlining slot at rock clubs across the country. Casino Logic was release on June 9, 2009 to coincide with the start of the second season of Z Rock, their "hybrid" TV show which stars the band and features special guests from the worlds of comedy and music.

Casino Logic is "the rationalizations that people make when they are gambling," says ZO2's Paulie Z, "It's the way we justify doing things based on our belief that we will win in the end. ZO2, credited with "bringing the swagger back to rock 'n' roll" are aligned for their breakthrough moment on a national level.

Casino Logic features tracks co-written by the bandmembers and longtime producer and collaborator Bob Held (credits). Highlighted by the first single "Painted Lady," also co-written by Spin Doctors' Chris Barron. With Casino Logic, ZO2 brings a harder edge and tighter grooves to the 11 track disc. And, in true ZO2 tradition, the CD is a hands on effort from the band with lead vocalist Paulie Z providing design and art direction.

The new record is a step forward for the band whose last CD was heralded throughout the national, regional and local media and possibly best summed up by Hustler which said that the music is "rock 'n' roll the way it used to be: ballsy, soulful and ass-shakingly good.' 

Following the success of the first season of Z Rock, the show was the highest rated original program ever on the network. The show celebrates the life and antics of this emerging band creating water cooler moments with its irreverent approach. The second season is jam packed with original music and surprise guest stars including some returning from last season..

With everything seemingly on their side - a new season of Z Rock, the release of the record, continued touring and a robust following on tour and on the internet- the band is counting on themselves, and a group of veteran music business supporters, as they self-release Casino Logic and support it through old fashioned grunt work in clear determination to become the next American rock band.

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