2278 Telegraph Ave. at 23rd, Oakland
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94612

Are you ever going to get your zine or Comic done?

We know you have a lot of great ideas that have been stewing, you just need some encouragement and shake off that perfectionism to finally get it done.

There are tons of zines on hand at the Rock Paper Scissors Zine Library, and there's even a copy machine on site that can be employed to create your zine (finally!) with some reasonable donations.

When you're finished we'll even put your zine in the zine library so everyone can read it, or you can sell it in the RPS Collective's shop that's open through the week.

The RPS Collective is cute, bright and right next to the Oakland 19th Street BART, just 3 stops into the East Bay and closer than you'd think to SF!

Official Website: http://www.rpscollective.com/new.php?q=zinecomixlibrary

Added by Rock Paper Scissors Collective Z on February 22, 2009