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Part of the "Expanding the Frame" series.

Glorious in its simplicity, Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait traces the movements of international soccer superstar Zinedine Zidane during a complete match between Real Madrid and Villareal. Using 17 synchronized cameras, the film tracks the world-class athlete from the first kick until he leaves the field, resulting in a mesmerizing real-time portrait of a man and the full range of his actions, emotional intensity, and unwavering concentration during the game. The scenario is set to a sound track that combines music by the Scottish band Mogwai, the cheers of 80,000 fans, commentary by Spanish television announcers, and Zidane’s own internal thoughts as voiced by the legend himself.

2006, 35mm, in Spanish and French with English subtitles, 92 minutes.

Official Website: http://calendar.walkerart.org/event.wac?id=3627

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