15 Lansdowne Street
Boston, Massachusetts

with Sia and Jose Gonzales

tickets are $17.00
all ages.

Added by paul irish on July 3, 2006



Sia is kind of annoying, saw her recently - she's very perky, apparently superficial, and then settles down to "act" out these very reflective, deep songs.

paul irish

Did you see her at the Paradise? She handed out these trippy glasses and when they turned on christmas lights around the stage, all you could see were pretty multi-colored hearts. It was really something.
I agree she does both perky and pensive, but to me it's endearing.


Yes - I was at that show. The multi-colored hearts were admittedly fun. But then how can she switch gears into the wistful loneliness of Breathe Me and not seem insincere? I'll grant the endearing part, though.


Did u stay to meet her after the show? She's the real deal, she is wicked perky and sincere about it. Her life is a big party so seems like she just is happy to be there and enjoys the attention. She gave me a big unwarranted hug, I think I'm in love!


(I should add it was the Paradise show she stayed and signed autographs)