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Get ready for something entirely different.

On April 13th the Bay Area joins the world in celebration of space exploration in a unique convergence of artists, scientists, astronauts, performers and musicians.

Yuri's Night is a commemoration of humankind’s first venture into space, by Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. This gathering bridges national, cultural, generational and social barriers to ignite excitement about what is new on the horizon in space exploration and to remind us of the magnificent feats humanity is capable of.

Yuri's Night Bay Area will be held at Moffett Field in the NASA Ames Research Center's massive SOFIA hangar, home to the world's largest aerial observatory. Our host for the evening is pioneering space traveler Anousheh Anasari, the first privately funded female to reach orbit. She is joined by Dr. Chris McKay, world renowned expert in astrobiology and terraformation with the Space Science Division of NASA Ames Research Center, as they welcome you to a dazzling array of interactive art installations and science demos, interwoven with musical and acrobatic performances by some of the world's finest entertainers.

Cutting-edge interactive technology and live demos including:

* Exploration of the world through NASA World Wind
* Gigapan, explorable high resolution panoramas from around the world
* A portal into Second Life
* Burning Man Earth, Google's Black Rock City browser

Science demonstrations and innovations from the worlds of robotics, engineering, and astronomy, will also be on display:

* ASME's Human powered vehicle
* NASA robotics, including the next generation of rovers
* Exclusive heavenly imagery from Slooh

Engage with space-inspired and technology-infused art installations, including:

* StarZipper, created by internationally renowned artist Michael Light and collaborator Dave Rattray
* Peter Foucault's Motion Sensor Drawing Robots
* Spot Drave's collaborative evolutionary high-definition visual algorithm generator, Electric Sheep
* Meet the artists and scientists face to face or chat virtually with visitors from around the globe at a kiosk.

Experience rare video works documenting art in space:

* Matières Chorégraphiques by Kitsou Dubois, celebrated French dancer, choreographer and artistic director of Ki Productions

* Projects from the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium, Lowry Burgess's monumental project The Seed of the Infinite Absolute, Lorelei Lisowsky, and Frank Pietronigro's 'Drift Painting' in microgravity
* Meet Japan's space artist Ayako Ono
* Jean Luc Soret's Space Art project videos curated direct from Paris's International @rt Outsiders Festival.

Enter the Documentary Dome and fuel your imagination with the planet's greatest space-related documentaries, including screenings of:

* Dr. Maryanne Galvin's 'What's Going On Up There?'

* 'Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery': a project of international cooperation between European Space Agency & NASA that dramatically documents The Hubble Space Telescope.
* HBO's original production, 'From the Earth To The Moon'

Witness awe-inspiring space-themed performances by an armada of acrobats and dancers, featuring:

* KC Bella Fuega and Spiral Hoop Dance (orbital hooping and bellydance)
* Flowtoys (celestial light performance and UFO flowplanes)
* VigilAntiUP (intergalactic stilting)
* A Parade from the Future (with cutting edge Bay Area circuit benders and other worldly creatures).

Live dance and acrobatics fused with audiovisual performances, will be coordinated with a world-class lineup of live electronic music:

PLAID - Warp Records, UK

TELEFON TEL AVIV - Hefty Records, Chicago
BLUETECH - Aleph Zero, Native State, Portland
OOAH + BORETA - Glitch Mob, LA/SF
SUTEKH - Context, Soul Jazz, Leaf
MR. PROJECTILE & JONAH SHARP (aka SPACETIME CONTINUUM) - Merck, Reflective, Astralwerks
RD - Designed Disorder, Glitch Mob
WELDER - Cyberset
MOZAIC - Nexus
DR. TOAST - False Profit

Music environs will be complimented by a team of visual artists -- including KOSHO, CELESTINESTAR, RECURSIVEVIDEOLAB and VIBERATION -- spinning light into space throughout the night.

Meanwhile, outside on the tarmac, the SPACE COWBOYS will have their own dynamic lineup of djs aboard their interstellar party transporter, the UNIMOG. Also on the tarmac will be Playaflies and Rabbit in the Moon's outside VJ set PLUS large scale sculpture and multimedia installations from the bay area's finest and beyond.

This year’s theme is the greenification of space. The event is bio-diesel powered, a variety of organic food and drink will be available, waste products will be composted and recycled, and one tree will be planted for every ticket sold in an effort to offset the event's carbon emissions.

Come join us in celebrating the accomplishments of mankind on a collective cosmic journey to the depths of space and beyond.


Friday, April 13th, 2007

Event opens at 6:30pm

NASA Ames Research Center* Moffett Field, Mountain View, CA, 94035

Tickets are on sale now. Limited $25 presale tickets still available, but not for long!

Purchase advance tickets at:

Limited VIP tickets available. Privileges include: VIP room overlooking the main floor, open bar and food throughout the evening, a chance to meet silicon valley innovators and dynamic thinkers, exclusive Bay Area Yuri's Night memorabilia and much more to be announced.

PLUS! Space Cadets are invited to go weightless and experience zero-gravity on Sunday, April 22, 2007! This unique VIP experience will provide you with a ZeroG flight flown from San Jose International Airport PLUS exclusive access to all Yuri's Night Bay Area 2007 events. 3-2-1 Liftoff! VIP Flight Tickets $5,000.00 each. Email [email protected] to reserve your seat today. Don't let this zero gravity opportunity to fly float by!

As always, please check for the latest…

Yuri's Night Bay Area Crew, Over and Out.

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