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On 12 April 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. Twenty years later on 12 April 1981, the US launched the first space shuttle flight. Every year on April 12th, Yuri's Night is celebrated all around the world. The San Francisco Bay Area will join this celebration of space exploration with a unique convergence of artists, scientists, astronauts, performers and musicians in the massive hanger at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View. This gathering bridges national, cultural, generational and social barriers to ignite excitement about what is new on the horizon of human experience and is highly influenced by burner culture.

Pre-sale admission fee is $40, at the gate $50. See event homepage for details.

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"NASA Ames Research Center is a federal facility. Controlled drugs and weapons are prohibited. If you are caught with a prohibited item you will be subject to applicable federal laws and statutes rather than their California counterparts. These level of enforcement will be more than what you would experience in your own communities. As at many events held throughout the U.S., we will be searching to ensure prohibited drugs and weapons do not enter the Center."


really looking forward to this. nasa opening up it's massive hanger doors for a giant public art party represents a significant step for mankind. kind of like stepping on the moon. sort of.

some video we did for getv of last year's event:


Oh man, the event description does not do this justice. From the website:

Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2008 includes:

* A world-class lineup of musical artists, ranging from the electronic breakbeat sounds of Amon Tobin and Tipper to Telstar, featuring Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead.
* A mind-expanding series of speakers, from NASA scientists to video-game designers to Bay Area entrepreneurs.
* Live performances of all kinds, from dance and acrobatics by Capacitor to aerial demonstrations featuring Yuri-Gagarin-era aerobatic aircraft.
* Dozens of art and science installations, including everything from NASA research robots to the unveiling of the newest fire sculpture by the Flaming Lotus Girls.
* A chance to talk to each other—and to some of our speakers, artists, scientists, and performers—about the big questions in or Festival of Ideas.
* ...and much, much more!


Limited pre-sale tickets are $30, regularly-priced tickets are $40, and tickets will cost $50 at the door.


Freezepop's gonna be there this year! Last year was cool, I can't wait.


hey guys ... here's the musical lineup. also if you're on Last.FM or Sonic Living, check out these links:

you'll also find discussion of artists and other stuf on our tribe:

Electronic music by:

* Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune, Montreal)
* A special twilight downtempo set by Tipper (HI)
* John Tejada (LA/palette recordings): live set
* Lusine (Ghostly Intl., Seattle): live set
* Scuba (Hotflush Recordings, UK)
* Digitonal vs. Posthuman (UK): with live violin
* [a]pendics.shuffle (LA): live set
* Deru (Merck, LA): live set
* Tycho (Ghostly, Merck): live set
* Random Rab (El Circo): live set
* Eskmo: live set
* Mr. Projectile (Merck): live set
* Dr. Toast (False Profit) vs. Ganucheau: live
* ...and more!

Live vocal and instrumental music by:

* Telstar (Featuring: Phil Lesh, Steve Molitz, & John Molo)
* Freezepop (Rykodisc, Boston): indie synthpop / new wave
* Particle (LA): free-wheelin’ space grooves
* BLVD w/ Souleye (LA): hip-hop flavored jam shred
* Zoë Keating: avant garde looping cello
* Oyoyo: deep bass & afro dub by Rasaki Aladokun (King Sunny Ade), Yossi Fine (Ex-Centric Sound System), and MJ Greenmountain (Hamsa Lila)
* Christopher Willits (12k, Ghostly Intl.): processed guitar soundscapes and songs
* Gamelan X: the intergalactic 17-member percussive melodic marching troupe
* Lulacruza: Argentinan percussion, guitar, and vocals
* The Sweet Snacks: Ghettotech and big beat
* ...and more

(most up to date version can always be found here: )


For a way out experience, at Yuri's night , come to the Ramp in front of Hangar 211, (Northwest of the Huge Dirigible hangarTo the NASA Ames Radio Club Booth/Exhibit.
We are setting up a Moon Bounce Comnunications Station there, and will communicate with other specialist stations around the world.
See our big dish in Jamesburg:
We send our voices carried on radio waves, to the moon, where they bounce off the surface, return to Earth, and are received around the world. Come, speak into the microphone, and wait for the Echo, of your voice, hearing your voice coming back 2.5 seconds later (500,000 miles round trip at the speed of light. ) Looking to ride share to the event from the Sacramento Area..
contact me:: [email protected]


It's official, I can't be there in person. However, I have two "print-at-home" tickets looking for a good home to be printed at. $40 including service fees (vs. $40+$4 service fees if available online).


I'll be helping out at the Long Now booth, showing off several very cool projects:


hey people's, if you're posting photos please submit your best ones to the official YNBA08 pool:

enjoy the slideshow!

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