1950 University Ave, Suite 200
Berkeley, California 94704

Free and open to the public - it would be helpful if you mark attending/watching above. Followed at 4pm by Social Jam with drinks and refreshments.

Spatiotemporal Information Dissemination and Beyond

My exploration of spatial and temporal information dissemination started form the observation that a piece of information could have different value at different location and time, and just-in-time information delivery can be essential in achieving information dissemination efficiency. The exploration resulted with a few new information dissemination strategies that gear towards distributed applications that handle location and time sensitive data. A unified theme among the approaches is making space and time the first class citizen in networking and information dissemination. In this talk I will start from discussion of my past work in this direction in mobile and sensor network context, and discuss potential ramifications beyond the networking context (if time permits).

Qingfeng Huang received his D.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis in 2003. He also holds A.M. degree in Physics. Dr. Huang has been a research scientist at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) since 2003 and filed more than 20 patents in the last two years. He has also published more than 35 academic papers in areas including software engineering, context-aware and mobile computing, sensor networks, intelligent transportation systems, neuroscience, and quantum physics. His current research interests include algorithms and middleware for transportation networks and sensor actuator networks, tools enabling knowledge sharing and harvesting in networks (e.g. for healthcare and education), non-invasive brain-interface technology and personal sensing, and mechanisms that facilitate innovation.

Official Website: http://whyrb.com

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