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(Free and open to the public - and followed at 4pm with a Social Jam that includes refreshments - and beer. It would be helpful if you mark attending/watching above).

The Global Warming Crisis: Causes, Consequences & Solutions

Starting with "An Earth in the Balance," and continuing in lectures and efforts leading up to the film and book, "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore has made it a mission to inform the public about the science and effects of global warming. Now, through The Climate Project, Mr. Gore is leading a community dedicated to informing citizens about the realities of global warming, and the actions required to fight this crisis. Diane Demee-Benoit is one of 1,000 people selected to present the information delivered in "An Inconvenient Truth" to audiences across America.

Global warming has become a true planetary emergency. Come hear about the scientific evidence and the alarming changes we're seeing, and learn about the actions we must take today to fight this crisis.

Diane Demée-Benoit is Director of the Innovation in Education Project at the Commonwealth Club of California and a consulting online editor at The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF). She has been a leader in science education and learning in informal education settings for over 20 years and has worked on a number of regional and national projects linking teachers with the real-world science and technology work of zoos, aquariums, museums, and science centers. Additionally, Ms. Demée-Benoit has been a field reviewer for the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMS), and has served on peer review panels for the National Science Foundation. She served on the Information Technology Committee for the Association of Science- Technology Center's Informal Science Educators Network (ASTC-ISEN) and currently serves on the board of the National NatureMapping Program, which trains citizen scientists to map and monitor changes in flora and fauna.

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As a fellow Climate Project trainee, I'll be there to help present the faith-based (Pastafarian) perspective.


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