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Free and open to the public, followed at 4pm with a Social Jam that includes refreshments - and beer. It would be helpful if you mark attending/watching above.

Pertti Huuskonen, Nokia Research Center
Personal Content Experience

The talk will review the dynamite known as Personal Content that's just about to explode in our pockets. Digicams, MP3 players and phones are bursting with tons of files, filling gigabytes of storage that YOU have to manage. We already struggle with finding songs among our 500+ albums on our iPods and the 20'000 pics on our laptops. And then emails, text messages, accounts and passwords, profiles, blog posts, ratings, game scores... all in your pocket (or purse).

Think that's bad? Sorry, it's going to get worse. Soon it's terabytes, then petabytes, then whatever astronomical number of files. All spread out over your dozens of gadgets and computers. Good luck finding the good bits.

There's hope. Enter the magic voodoo of metadata. We have devised solutions for containing the upcoming mobile content explosion. Those (partial) solutions include a mobile content database, a metadata framework, mobile UI designs, context wizardry, and steel-reinforced pants.

The talk will cover the domain background, some novel content types, the marriage of content and context, the design of an upcoming metadata framework, and some future speculations. We invite discussion and comparison to the work carried out at Yahoo and elsewhere.

Dr. Pertti Huuskonen is a Principal Scientist with Nokia Research Center Palo Alto. His research interests include context awareness, ubiquitous computing, and mobile interaction. He has been applying AI techniques since 1990 in his previous positions at VTT, Finland, and CERN, Switzerland. While at CERN, he witnessed the birth of WWW and predicted it would never be used outside the lab. This glorious failure seems to keep him obsessed with observing, analyzing and forecasting developments in our digital lives. See their latest book on Personal Content, just out on Wiley:
http://www.amazon.com/Personal-Content-Experience-Managing-Digital/dp/0470034645/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/103-7662650-0316628?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1182795002&sr=8-1 Explore his darker side at http://www.schbert.net/

Official Website: http://yahooresearchberkeley.com

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