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Join brand, corporate and social marketers, media professionals, educators and leaders of non-profit organizations to learn and share best practices, research and latest strategies on marketing to and communicating with youth with technology.

Spotlight Keynote: Don Tapscott, Author, Grown Up Digital and Chairman, nGenera

Other Speakers and Panelists
• Paul Yanover, EVP & Managing Director, Disney Online
• Guy Kawasaki, Director, Garage Technology Ventures
• Jason Davis, VP, Disney.com
• Bill Carter, Partner, Fuse
• Donna Fenn, Author, Upstarts!
• Josh Shipp, Advice Slinger, HeyJosh.com
• Adam Aberman, Director Global Digital Strategy, Youth Venture, Ashoka
• Jacqueline Lane, VP, TeenEyes Division, C&R Research
• Many more to be announced in the coming weeks!

• Tweens Unconference (Co-sponsored by Privo)
• Youth Marketing Boot Camp
• Campus Youth Marketing Preconference
• Urban Marketing Preconference

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About Ypulse
Ypulse is the premier blog and news source for marketing and media professionals interested in successfully reaching and communicating with today's youth market using technology.

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UPDATE: Here's the current (very full) list of speakers!

• Don Tapscott, Author, Grown Up Digital; Chairman, nGenera Insight
• Josh Shipp, Advice Slinger, HeyJosh.com
• Greg Clayman, EVP of Digital Distribution, MTV Networks
• Donna Fenn, Author of Upstarts!

Interacting with a panel of influential young entrepreneurs:
• Guy Kawasaki, Managing Partner, Garage Technology Ventures

Offering trend presentations on African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American youth culture, covering the ‘urban’ mobile space, and more:
• Nancy Tellet, VP, Research and Consumer Insights, MTV Tr3s
• James W. Andrews, VP, Ketchum Interactive
• Adisa Banjoko, CEO, Hip-Hop Chess Federation
• Jeffrey R. Meade, President, The Reason
• Tru Pettigrew, President, Alloy Access
• Julia Huang, interTrend
• Neelanjana Banerjee, Editor, YO! Youth Outlook
• Lynne d Johnson, Senior Editor, Fastcompany.com
• Graham Brown, Mobile Youth
• John Huffman IV, CEO, Real Content Group
• Caralene Robinson, Boost Mobile
• Gonzalo Perez, Owner, Motivo Insights
• Jean Hoffman, WuChess
• Rolando Brown, Chief Cultivator, Parallel MVMT
• Kevin Walker, Partner, CultureLab

Presenting back-to-back in a Ypulse Campus Case Study Slam:
• J Scavo, MySpace Records
• Doug Sweeney, Levi Strauss
• Vickie Collier, VP, Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group
• Jason Bakker, Director of Marketing, Campus Media Group
• Daniel Coates, Founder, SurveyU
• Andrew Flagel, Dean of Admissions, George Mason University
• Deborah Gitell, Alloy Media+ Marketing
• Julie Haddon, The Marketing Farm
• Martin Green, COO, Meebo
• Carisa Natvig, Sponsorship Programs, Youth Marketing Connection

Conducting a Youth Marketing Boot Camp on the dynamic new relationship between young consumers and their technology:
• Gary Rudman, President, GTR Consulting

Moving the industry forward with a Tweens Online (Un)Conference:
• Denise Tayloe, CEO, Privo

On immersive marketing that engages teens:
• Gregg Witt, Partner, Premise Immersive Marketing
• Mike Townsend, Partnership for a Drug-Free America

On making it simple:
• Daryl Butler, Marketing Director, Retail Brand, Nike

Answering questions after an exclusive screening of “DARE,” a Sundance hit:
• David Brind, Screenwriter and Co-Producer, and Adam Salky, Director

On trendspotting in 2009 and beyond:
• Rebecca McQuigg, Trend Analyst, The Intelligence Group
• Lauren Puglia, Undercurrent
• Jody Turner, CultureofFuture.com
• Ed Cotton, Influx Insights

Revealing the anatomy of a successful pro-social campaign:
• Adam Aberman, Global Digital Strategy, Youth Venture, Ashoka
• Tim Showalter-Loch, Manager, Community Relations, Best Buy

Covering mobile marketing that makes sense for brands:
• Scott Foe, Games Publishing, Nokia
• Daniel Neal, CEO, kajeet
• Evan Tana, VP, Loopt
• Allison Mooney, Director of Trends and Insights, Mobile Behavior

On user-generated campaigns, from generating submissions to defining success:
• Paul Yanover, EVP and Managing Director, Disney Online
• Jason Davis, VP, Disney.com
• Kelly Hugunin, Executive Director, Marketing, Walt Disney Records

Sharing research-based ideas about how to cut spending without losing impact:
• Bill Carter, Partner, Fuse Marketing

On how Gen Y is using technology to manage money:
• Ross Martin, SVP and Head of Programming, mtvU
• Laurie Petersen, General Manager, Minyanville Family Media
• Kit Yarrow, PhD, Consumer Psychologist
• Andrea Coombes, Personal Finance Editor, MarketWatch

In discussion with some of the smartest minds in youth marketing (over lunch and in the halls):
• YOU! (Suggest a topic, and even volunteer to moderate a lunch roundtable when you register.)