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San Francisco, California

Generation Y is the first generation that is “totally wired.” Technology is an integral part of being young today.
It helps younger people stay hyper-connected to their peers, empowers them to express themselves and
transforms how they consume and create media. Marketers and media producers who are targeting today’s
teens and youth markets need to gain a deeper understanding of the role that technology plays in young
peoples’ lives, and in the larger youth culture.
Ypulse, the leading independent blog for youth and teen media and marketing professionals, building on the
success of regional Mashups in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego, will present a national Mashup this
July in San Francisco, focused on how to use technology to reach the totally wired generation.
At the Mashup, youth marketers and media producers will learn how to harness social media and technology
in ways that are authentic, add value – and are not disruptive. The conference will present interactive,
thought-provoking discussions and presentations covering marketing and media topics related to:
• social networking sites,
• online video,
• podcasting,
• blogging,
• SMS and cell phones,
• virtual reality environments,
• instant messaging,
• video gaming,
• online music,
• ... and more.

The YPulse 2007 Mashup is produced by Modern Media, which builds, produces and markets highlyengaging
business events for leading media brands and media entrepreneurs.

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it's depressing that only marketers are trying to understand this stuff. there's a lot more going on here than just kids with money to spend.