312 Sutter Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, California 94108

Join the Young Professionals International Forum (IF) of the World Affairs Council for their 2008 Fall Reception. The reception is a great opportunity to meet people who enjoy learning about and discussing world affairs. If you would like to learn more about the IF and the Council, are curious about what we do, and are looking for opportunities to become involved, the IF Fall Reception is the event for you!

Check-in: 6:00 PM, Reception: 6:30–8:30 PM

Official Website: http://www.itsyourworld.org/

Added by wacsf on September 16, 2008



Ah! Perhaps a brilliant-doer will appreciate a ride from Santa Rosa to SF at this late moment to experience... Can somebody pick me up? I just heard of this event (been out of town) and would love to go! I can share gas $$$ and excellent conversation, international diplomat, feed store stocker or unemployed, I am so saddened by the sedimentary conflicts being thrown around political discourse in some circumstances that I plea to the devoted soul of Dionesian political battle that wits are not spared tonight, flipping thus the spotlit dormancy of media's shame in our favor, by sheer default while thinking humored with arbitrary descrepancies, such as common agreement and selfishness, parade their asses throuh each street on the territory we now call a diplomatic tool because it has been sacraficed by the self-willed orgasm of viagra to the brutality of international deviances in lawless education that breed mountian lions and hens behind the same gate over again to never learn that they an eat more than the cows outside that lions are meant to be free- or at least couldn't possibly imagine eating only chicken forbearing their captivity by consuming the next available flesh. Well, bob found out he liked Harold the day the lion ate his 95 year old ass, and thereafter all the rest of the cats joined in the excitement sure to die of boredom another way; sitting; smoking; feeling fine. Thereby which a nomad runs to the furthest possible reach, a comment, to expose the story as the one who got away laughing and singing the blues. There must be a hope greater than mine that this forum is erudite enough to say that we no longer write editorials for fox...y ladies in a bar, but have recieved the fundamental discourse available in Walgreen's for only a dollar which repeatedly states that profanity is profane, there is no other way. A bit aggessive for skirt bells but for the ringer, is that all? Just once. And then we tell our big friends that the annoying rat holding up the race to live has embellished the juries conviction with enough hilarity in polite forgetting that it be taken off the stage... in perplexcity, only to be confused further by the stagehand's dubious attempt to sweep. Ah, all else fails, that was a great cap on the stock of Star magazine featuing suck a fine young? American at the corner store today. Have fun... so far as to really laugh with the blissful gentleman who sits nexts to you in a cafe and orders an ashtray with that unavoidable twang he picked up indepent in a social environment that may just be best kept to himself. Viva la vida, 'cause damn its a good day....