1352 S. Union
Chicago, Illinois 60647

In a way, Young People are the music lover's Steinbeck--artful, melancholy Americana (or avant-Appalachia, if that's not too pukey a category). With a stark realism in their lyrics, and an overall simplicity to their melodies, the trio paints pictures of hard times, sorrow, and survival by employing the beauty and faith of Southern hymnals and modern, precise instrumentation. At their most stark, Young People sound like they are standing at the top of a canyon and playing the last song they will ever play, just before they die. But, by mixing Katie Eastburn's sweet vocals and violin; the train-like reverb of guitarist Jeffrey Rosenberg (Pink & Brown); and the atmospheric drumming of Jarrett Silberman (ex-Uphill Gardeners/Get Hustle), their ultimate message is one of salvation, beauty, and simplicity.
PIT ER PAT (formerly Blackbirds)
LARK (Theo of Locks)
showcasing tons of screened posters from years of shows at Fireside Bowl, Bottom Lounge and other fine establishments, proceeds from sales will go to benefit South Union Arts.

Official Website: http://www.southunionarts.com

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