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YOUNG, JEWISH AND LEFT opens with an exploration of the Israel-Palestine conflict and its effects on the American Jewish community. While Israel and Zionism are major themes of YOUNG, JEWISH AND LEFT, the movie goes beyond these issues, providing a fresh and constructive take on race, spirituality, queerness, resistance, justice and liberation.

Many progressive Jews have been marginalized by Jewish institutions with a more conservative stance. YOUNG, JEWISH AND LEFT features community organizers, playwrights, artists and rabbis who are building progressive organizations, new rituals, and inclusive communities.

A celebration of diversity, YOUNG, JEWISH AND LEFT weaves queer culture, Jewish Arab history, secular Yiddishkeit, anti-racist analysis, and religious/spiritual traditions into a multi-layered tapestry of leftist politics. Personal experiences from many of today's leading Jewish activists reframe the possibilities of Jewish identity.

Inspired by the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the Workmen's Circle, and by their own communist & socialist grandparents, these Jewish radicals are creating a more just future by learning from and identifying with a collective, rich Jewish heritage of reform and rebellion. At a time when religious fundamentalists take power in the US and around the world, this documentary is an inspiration. Grab your Bubbe (grandmother) and your habibi (loved one) and check it out.

Official Website: http://www.youngjewishandleft.org

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