401 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, California 94102

You are invited to participate in a unique interaction between yourself and artist and life coach, Daniel Nevers. During your 20-minute session you will sit in a chair facing Nevers’ installation, You Can’t Stop Progress at the SFAC Gallery installation site at 155 Grove Street as the Daniel Nevers sits directly behind you, facing Grove Street. Back to back, you will both engage in an intimate, 20-minute life coaching session as you explore the relationship between simultaneous release and consumption. By engaging with you on a personal level as you view the work, the artist does not attempt to hide the presence of an agenda, but instead hopes to inform a temporary shift in perception. Nevers will activate the element of viewing the installation as a lens to reveal the ways in which we construct our own realities. Though there is sure to be an element of humor, Nevers also proposes a sincere offering in an artificial context. As the sessions will be held on a public sidewalk, an unlimited number of spectators are encouraged to observe.
RESERVE YOUR FREE SESSION: Book your 20-minute session in-person at the SFAC Gallery, or contact Aimee LeDuc by emailing [email protected] or by phone at (415) 554-6080

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