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Director: Deng Zaijun(Senior scenarist-director of CCTV)
Performer: Song Zuying, Guo Lanying, Yin Xiumei, Li Chuanyun, etc.
When he died on 8 Jan 1976,he was mourned by 900 million Chinese.The widespread nation-wide outpouring of grief demonstrated his immensepopularity as the people's 'beloved Premier' who had dedicated his lifeto the cause of communism. And Kissinger considered Chou En-lai "one ofthe two or three most impressive men I have ever met." Nixon wrote ofhis "brilliance and dynamism." Premier Chou En-lai was CommunistChina's first and longest-serving leader.
1. Who the person is?
Zhou Enlai is the previouspremier of the People's Republic of China (PRC). He was a great leaderin the history of China. He also was one of the founders and mostexcellet premiers the history of the People's Republic of China (PRC).Most of people in China are respectful to him and cherish the memory tohim very so much.

2.What qualifications or achievements make this person a great man?
A. He had a clear purpose and a great goal in his life.
Whenhe studied in the Nankai Middle School in Tianjin he settled a goal forhimself” to study for the rising abruptly of China”. His goal madegreat influence on China. Now this have become so famous words to allof the people in China. And the words encourage young generation tostudy and work very hard for the good future of our motherland. And atthe same time, he decided to struggle whole of the life, even if hesacrifice his body, to make China more strong and wealthy, to makepeople in China more happy. In the Nankai Middle School, he created astudent organisation and was elected as president. This gave him hisfirst taste of leadership experience. As an outstanding student, hegraduated top of his class.

B. He had good training, education and broadness of vision.
Upongraduation, he set off for Japan(1918-1919) to continue his westerntraining. The experience proved to be momentous for him was at KyotoUniversity that he had his first encounter with Marxism throughProfessor Hajime Kawasaki's Social Studies Journal. He became convincedthat Marxism was the answer to his country's ills.
Events back hometroubled him. With the fall of the Manchus in 1911, China was nowdivided by warlordism. He returned to Tianjin and joined in the May 4thMovement. He was jailed for participating in this protest and he headedto Paris several months after his release. While in France (1920-1922),his beliefs were reinforced and he was active in organizing leftistChinese students into a communist league. His career as a communistleader had begun. He joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Francein 1922. He studied in Germany in 1923 to 1924. Zhou Enlai was one of afew leaders in China who had been to study in several western developedcountries. The very important experiences gave many good helps for himto be a great leader in PRC. The stage is the most important to buildfoundation for his becoming a great leader.

C. He had firm will and spirit never to give up.
From1931 to 1935, it was one of the most difficult period to PPC. If PPCcouldn’t persisted to struggle, the revolution would be failed. BecauseZhou Enlai and his companions had firm will and the spirit never togive up, they survived.Between the years 1931 to 1934, Chiang Kai-shekturned the full force of the KMT upon the communists with hisannihilation campaigns. With this onslaught and increasing desertions,Mao and Zhou decided to retreat.
On 16 Oct 1934, the communistsbegan the famous Long March, the most arduous journey ever taken inhistory; a 6,000-mile journey lasting one year, battling harsh terrain,bombing, exhaustion, hunger and diseases. Of the 100,000 original men,only about 8,000 made it to the final destination of Yenan. Zhou,although ill through most of the march, nevertheless remained adominant and inspiring force. It was during the Long March, in Jan1935, at the Zunyi Conference, that he gracefully conceded Chairmanshipof the party to Mao. The success of the Long March, which saved the CCPfrom being annihilated by the KMT, and Zhou's concession to Mao,eventually provided the opportunity for Mao to establish himself as theleader of the CCP, paving the way for the latter's rise to supremepower.

D. He had outstanding charisma, magnetism andexcellent capability. He was concerned about companions and people veryso much. These qualities made him be the people's 'beloved Premier'.
Thefirst quarter century of communist rule was the era of Mao and Zhou.Mao was the visionary and oracular leader while Zhou exercisedpragmatism, keeping the machinery of the mammoth government working andquietly moderating Mao's excesses. As the Premier, and the foreignminister for the first nine years, Zhou's achievements were many. Heset up the government and organized the socialist structure of thecountry. His skills as a diplomat and as the PRC spokesman to the worldwere well known. The most cultured and sophisticated of all thecommunist leaders, he was an international figure who spoke fluentEnglish, Russian and French. He exuded charm and impressed many withhis easy grace, wit and intellectual brilliance. One of his mostsignificant achievements may be the part that he played in moving PRCtowards normalization of relations with Japan, the US and other westerncountries. Another significant achievement was his rehabilitation ofDeng Xiaoping's political career. When Lin Biao, Mao's chosensuccessor, died in 1971, and with both Mao and Zhou ailing, the lattercorrectly forsaw that there would be a factional struggle for thesuccession to Mao. It was chiefly through Zhou's clever engineering andgrooming of Deng Xiaoping that the latter was eventually able to returnto power after suffering several downfalls.

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