28 Great George St
Leeds, England LS1 3DL

We are very pleased to announce that on the 10th of December (2nd Wednesday) we are meeting at the Victoria Hotel Pub in the room behind the bar and we will have Gary Short presenting us a talk on Design Patterns. Finally we are hosting a Premiership speaker with loads of presenting experience, charisma and software development history spanning over the decades.

Gary is a Technical Evangelist for Developper Express, writes his personal blog for few years now, and work blog. Gary is an avid speaker presenting at various conferences and developers gatherings all over the country and on international stage too. Please see his blog for an extensive list of talks and while you there, please have a look at the tags, to see how many things interest Gary.

After the talk, some Q&A session and some networking, we will all head off to Leeds Christmas Market, to have some wurst, sauerkraut and continental lager.

Drinks and snacks thanks to our sponsors are free.

We will also draw one free personal license for any of the products by JetBrains - our fantastic sponsor.

Official Website: http://xpclub.erudine.com

Added by agilomatic on November 25, 2008