28 Great George St
Leeds, England LS1 3DL

On Wednesday, 13th of August at our usual place we are going to discuss our new website communally developed by the club members. We are going to do it in a proper Agile way with the backlog of user stories, short iterations, product owner and so on.

Our development team (us) have decided to use Scala and its web framework called Lift.

Lift claims to be as easy as Ruby On Rails, yet offering better performance, easiest Ajax integration, ORM support, and security out of the box, so we are all excited about the future work in such environment.

Scala runs on both JVM and Microsoft's CLR, so we can accommodate more of developers out there.

On our next meeting we are going to decide on the set of requirements and potentially divide them into more manageable chunks/stories and we will also try to present the development environment based on Linux machine, using JVM and Eclipse.

Also we are going to try supposedly simple testing problem brought to our attention by one of the club members Ralph Williams and in general have a nice and relaxed networking social event.

Official Website: http://xpclub.erudine.com/

Added by agilomatic on August 12, 2008