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Exploring Mobile Web Development

Chris Mills of Opera will deliver a presentation on the basics of mobile web development - what you need to think about in terms of device limitations, browser variance, and how you can look towards creating single web sites that will work well on both desktop and mobile browsers.

After the presentation we are staying in the pub to enjoy the networking and the odd glass of a beverage.

About the speaker:

Chris Mills is a developer relations manager for Opera - he edits and publishes articles on dev.opera.com and labs.opera.com, liaises with the community to raise awareness of Opera and collect feedback, and evangelises about Opera software wherever he can.

Find Chris' blog on My Opera.

Outside of work, he is an extremely avid music fan, enjoying playing and listening to a wide variety of music, including metal, folk, punk, electronica, prog, and more. His main band at the moment is the mighty - Conquest of Steel.

We'll do our best to provide you with a drink and a snack.

Official Website: http://xpclub.erudine.com

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