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YLEM | Artists Using Science and Technology
The 25-year organization, YLEM, starts the new year with a very special Mulitmedia Feast featuring:

Sylvia Pengilly (composer, dancer, maestra of moving images)
Beverley Reiser (whimsical artist, hypertext poet)

Plus, pick up the latest copy of the YLEM journal, the Computers + Music CD edition.

Doors: 7P
Lecture: 8P
$5-10 suggested donation


Sylvia Pengilly, dancer, composer and video artist, demonstrates how video and music can be combined to create visual and audio splendor. She will show two works and do a real time demonstration of the software used. Multimedia artist Beverly Reiser and video artist Mark McGothian will show their interactive piece created for Burning Man called ?The Black Hole of Desire.?
And, there?s more (to be announced)!


Sylvia Pengilly is a composer of both electronic and acoustic music who is fascinated by the correlation between what the ear hears and what the eye sees. She was willingly seduced into the world of video and computer graphics. Her current works amplify the theme of each work by introducing it to the audience through the eye as well as through the ear.

?Patterns of Organic Energy,? her music/video work using these techniques, will demonstrate how video and music can be combined within a common framework. She will give a realtime demonstration of the software used. This piece was included in the recent Computer Music Journal special edition on music and video.

?The Outer Edge of Possibility,? which represents her first collaboration with composer Michael Rhoades will also be presented. This work is based visually upon a simple silhouette of the human body which is subjected to amazing transformations that are only possible through the miracle of software.

She is professor emeritus of the College of Music at Loyola University, New Orleans. Mathematics and physics, including Chaos Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Superstrings, frequently provide the basis for her works.


Beverly Reiser has been doing multimedia for twenty years, and had an early piece shown at Centre Pompidou in Paris. For 14 years she was president of YLEM, and helped design its first web site in 1984-5. YLEM?s prize-winning site was one of the first fine arts sites on the web. From the Black Rock Foundation she and video artist Mark McGothian received a commission this year, enabling them to branch out in their multimedia work. In ?The Black Hole of Desire,? she and Mark created a booth at Burning Man where people recorded their desires. It had a playback feature where people could hear what had been recorded. This has been combined with sound they collected to make an intriguing DVD.

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