34 Seventh St
San Francisco, California 94103

Want to increase your professional and social network?

Want to share your ideas, opinions and opportunities with other professionals?

Want to make a valuable difference in the Filipino professional community?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, join us at the December 5th Young Filipino Professionals Association (YFPA) Networking Mixer, from 6:00PM-8:30PM, where you can connect, educate and serve with other professionals like yourself in a social and casual atmosphere. YFPA is hosting the YFPA Networking Mixer in San Francisco at Mr. Smith's (http://www.maximumproductions.com/home.html#smiths).

In addition to hosting the networking mixer, YFPA is also hosting its Annual Toy Drive for Galing Bata* at Mr. Smith's. In lieu of the cover charge for non-members, you can bring a toy to be given to one of the many students of Galing Bata. However, everyone is welcome to give a toy.

Some toy suggestions are listed below:
- art kits
- pencils, pens, folders, or any school supplies with cartoon characters on them
- Playdough
- maps
- sidewalk chalk
- activity books (mazes, word searches, coloring, puzzles etc.)
- flash cards (math/reading activities)
- playground/sports equip (e.g., balls, tennis rackets, paddle boards, ball pump)
- jump ropes
- yo-yo's
- hacky sacks/bean bags
- legos (regular and jumbo size)
- jigsaw puzzles -stickers
- educational cartoons or films
- boardgames (some of their favorites include Monopoly, Othello, Operation, Twister, Connect Four, Scrabble, Trouble, Game of Life, Checkers, Jenga or any "learning"-related/trivia games)
- playing cards (regular decks, uno or various games)
- plastic Bins to store the items

Everyone from fashionistas to club kids comes here to soak up the ultra-luxe vibe. Inside, find exposed brick walls, ornate mirrors and Victorian-inspired furniture. A huge bar dominates the main floor; above it, super-cool disc lights offer eye candy. The brown leather banquette downstairs and loft VIP room, outfitted with a bar, patterned chaise lounges and more luxuriously vintage touches, are reserved for bottle service. In the basement is a cozy dance floor and bar.

* BART (1/2 block from Civic Center stop)
* Parking garages located on Mission Street in between Seventh and Eighth Street right across the new Federal Building
* Parking lot right next to the 9th Circuit Court of appeals on Mission Street in between Seventh Street and Sixth Street

Glen Andang, Coordinator of Galing Bata



This event is FREE for current YFPA members. For others, YFPA will be accepting a small cover charge of $5.00.

http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/[email protected]/networkingmixer

We look forward to meeting you and don't forget to bring your business cards!

* Galing Bata (i.e.,Quality Children) is a bilingual, bicultural after school and summer program that provides quality guidance (gabay), care (lingap) and protection (bantay) to Kindergarten to 8th Grade students from the Filipino Education Center/Bessie Carmichael School through a culturally relevant and linguistically sensitive curriculum, promoting biliteracy in English and Filipino and the development of a healthy bicultural identity by harmonizing the Filipino and American identities of the children.

Official Website: http://www.yfpa.org

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