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Palo Alto, California 94304

Learn how you can buy a home in Silicon Valley, win bidding wars, stop paying rent, and start building your nest egg.

At the Silicon Valley Home Buyers Seminar you’ll get straight answers to the following questions:
• Can I afford to buy a home in Silicon Valley?
• Is this the right time for me to buy?
• What will the future market be like in Silicon Valley?
• What are the benefits of home ownership versus renting?
• How to choose the right neighborhood?
• How to find the right house?
• How to make other offers disappear?
You’ll pay absolutely nothing to attend.
You will get answers to your questions, and a plan. Which is probably more than you have today.
And you’ll gain your independence from rental stress. Better yet, you’ll bypass all the mistakes you could make on the way to home ownership.

Guaranteed service.
Whether you’re looking for your first home, want to upgrade, or are curious about how to stop paying rent and start building equity, you’ll get the highest quality service with my personal satisfaction guarantee.

If you have just one evening to invest, imagine the enormous benefits it could bring to you and your family.
You are encouraged to bring your spouse and friends, the more skeptical the better.
Principals only please.
This presentation will take place from 10:00AM to 12:00PM
Room seating is limited, so please register to secure your seat. To learn more and register go to http://www.650and408homes.com/sv_seminar_yahoo.html.
Note: Registration & refreshments starts at 9:40AM. Seminar starts at 10:00PM
Best Regards,

Avi Urban

BTW – Sandwiches and beverages will be served.

Avi Urban

the One Stop Realtor for busy professionals
Silicon Valley homes and investments nationwide

Keller Williams Realty

[email protected]
650-305-1111 cell
408-245-7327 office

Official Website: http://www.650and408homes.com/sv_seminar_yahoo.html

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Avi Urban is a well respected real estate consultant in Silicon Valley. He educates and share his wealth of knowledge with anyone who has real estate questions in real estate investing in and outside Silicon Valley CA.
Avi specialize in helping families manage their real estate portfolio. He will help you manage your estate properties in a way that maximizes value, reduces tax burden, and with the least amount of stress you!
Avi will make your experience smooth with the following: 1031 Exchanges, property management, and your homes selling and purchasing. Call Avi for a no obligation consultation about your real estate needs. Make your next move with someone who is very creative, knowledgeable and cares.